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12 Apr 2024: "MIDNIGHT SUN CITY" digital maxi-single, Calembour Records

28 Apr 2023: "THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME" 33 rpm LP purple/blue vinyl, Avantgarde

31 Mar 2023: "AUTOSUGGESTION" digital single, Calembour Records

3 Nov 2017: "THE FELLOW TRAVELLER" cd album, Echozone-Soulfood/Metropolis Rec.

2016: "TIME IS JUST A MEMORY" 33 rpm LP black vinyl, "best of" compilation,  Dark Entries

2014: "LIE IN WAIT" 12" 45 rpm ldt ed picture vinyl, Calembour Records

2011: "CHIRALITY" cd album, Calembour Records/Metropolis Records

2010: "RALLENTEARS" 10" 45 rpm ldt ed black vinyl, Calembour Records

2010: "SEEN FROM UNDER ICE" double dvd, Twilight Records

2005: "IS ANYBODY THERE?" cd album, Pandaimonium Records/Twilight    Records/Gravitator Records  - reprinted by Calembour Records in 2013

2004: "THE EARLY VISUALS" dvd, self-release

2002: "EMOTIONAL SCREENING DEVICE" cd album, Eibon Records - reprinted by Calembour Records in 2012

1997: "FRAGMENTS OF MEMORIES" cd album, Eibon Records - reprinted by Twilight Records in 2009

1995: "PALE AWAKENING" cd album, Weisser Herbst Produktion - reprinted in 2000 by Eibon Rec. (with the title "THE PALE COLLECTION") , then by Twilight Records in 2009 and again in 2022 as both CD and double-vinyl (black and blue) by Avantgarde Music

1994: "LIVE IN FERRARA" VHS, self-release

1994: "OBLIVION" demotape, self-release


RELEASES under the name STATIC MOVEMENT (the original one and only, founded in 1998 by Diego Merletto & Froxeanne! Spotify link here


2001: "NOUVELLE VAGUE" video cd-rom, self-release

1999:  "VISIONARY LANDSCAPES" cd album, Eibon Records, reprinted in 2009 by Twilight Records




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