12th April 2024

We're extremely happy to announce today's release of our new follow-up digital maxi-single "Midnight Sun City", which will be available for streaming and download on the main DSP's! It contains three new versions of the title-track + a new song. Enjoy!


20th April 2023

The vinyls of "The Shape Of Things To Come" are already ready! Visit to purchase your copy! Please note that the original scheduled release date (28th April 2023) holds for the digital release on the main DSP's (Spotify, Tidal, I-Tunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer etc etc).


31st March 2023

New videoclip out today: "Autosuggestion (Video Edit)"

and a new digital single "Autosuggestion" !!!


20th February 2023

We're extremely happy to announce that our new work "The Shape Of Things To Come" will be released on April 28th by Avantgarde Music, more info here:

Just in time for our next concert in Milan!


3rd January 2023

First post on the year marking our 30th anniversary is to signal a very beautiful interview to Diego Merletto for Art Waves


26th May 2022

Amazing piece of news! The Frozen Autumn's first album "Pale Awakening" will be re-released in July in both a cd and a double coloured vinyl edition by the Italian label Avantgarde Music. Presale has already started!!! For more info:
To preorder:


9th November 2021

As far as it seems, we'll start playing live again in the second half of 2022. First confirmed gig, Prague (Czech Rep.) at the end of August. Check these links out for info and presales.


13th April 2021

Our latest podcast interview to The Hanging Garden radio show is going to be broadcast tomorrow, please see FB event here


15th April 2020

Diego's latest collaboration with the Portuguese band Iamtheshadow, the song  "Awake And Asleep" 


20th March 2020

Dear Friends, we hope you all and your loved ones are well.

These are difficult times globally and, more than ever, we depend on one another for our well being.

Our plea to you: stay safe, stay healthy, be responsible and stay home, as much as you can. Embrace distancing as the best way of caring. We ourselves have been locked in our respective places for more than a week now, 1100 km away from each other. Take good care of yourselves and bear in mind that, even if you’re isolated, you’re not alone. These days, the bigger the distance, the stronger the love. We’re all in this together and, united, we’re going to defeat this invisible threat. Many kisses from afar! Stay strong!


24th February 2020

Make no mistake: just because we haven't been very vocal lately, it doesn't mean we're inactive. Quite the opposite. We've been so busy that we barely had the time to communicate with the outside world at all. We've been learning new skills, we've seen places and changed living situations. Moving our respective home studios (The Memory Room and La P'tite Madeleine) has never been easy (the latter is still a big mess, synthesizers from wall to wall though). And yes, we've been working on new material. The ideas are always there, the time to immortalize them -alas- is not.

Btw we've updated our biography and most important, our FAQ section! At some point we'll also have to add more "historical" pictures (meaning dating back to before 2014), which are scattered already everywhere all over the  web but here, it seems like. We could never focus on marketing (1st official t-shirts printed after 10 years of existence, to give you a telltale example): we've always just centered on music i.e. coming up with songs made with love and true passion. And we are synthesizers lovers which, as you should know by now, doesn't really leave space for much else ;)  



7th February 2019

Due to logistic issues, our concert in Barcelona scheduled for 9th March 2019 has been cancelled. It should be rescheduled later this year. All tickets already sold are going to be reimbursed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6th November 2018

1 year after the release of our latest album "The Fellow Traveller", here's a new videoclip (mainly filmed in May 2018 and edited in October 2018 by Giorgio Ricci - whom we thank a lot - for Blackbeat Videoproductions) of another song taken from it, "I Love You But I've Chosen Synthesizers". Again, the main location is another "non-lieu" in the province of Treviso (Italy). Enjoy!


2nd September 2018

Here we go again, can't believe 5 months have passed already since our last post here!

So what's new? We'll begin playing live again starting from next year, and our live session page will be gradually updated accordingly. See you around then!


2nd February 2018

Many beautiful things unfolding lately...we'll tell you more in the next weeks. Btw: have you noticed that our band is turning 25 this year?  Haven't you? It's quite an achievement, isn't it?

In the meantime: tomorrow night in Madrid at Sala Copérnico "The Fellow Traveller" will be raffled off to some lucky one:


24th January 2018

So, another interview is online

it has actually appeared also on other websites, but this is the most recent link. As usual, we had much fun answering these questions. We hope you'll have fun reading them as well! Let's switch the topic now, let's talk about Diego's activity as a dj in Treviso. If you weren't there, when he spun records last together with Giorgio Ricci, then you cannot know how successful that party was. This is why we're here to tell you. Planning a trip to Venice or the Dolomites? Be sure to make it occur when Diego's is djing in the sorroundings. Satisfaction guaranteed!


13th January 2018

Tonight Diego will be again spinning records with Giorgio Ricci at Dump Club in Treviso, so be sure to drop by if you live in the sorroundings. We're keeping on being interviewed: actually in the last few weeks also Sonic Seducer and Orkus did, but we couldn't find the time to buy any copies of those magazines. 

Talking about Giorgio Ricci again, we haven't told you about the making of  "Tomorrow's Life" videoclip yet. We'll have to do that sooner or later.

And talking about interviews again, we find it kinda funny how "The Fellow Traveller" is being considered our 6th full-length studio album, while it's actually the 7th: you shouldn't forget "Visionary Landscapes" which we released under the name Static Movement in 1999. Do you think that should make a big difference? We don't. Firstly because that album clearly bridges the gap between "Fragments Of Memory" and " Emotional Screening Device"; secondly, because we can't use the name Static Movement anymore, or we are no longer motivated to release anything under that name again (even though we love it so much and means so much to us) after it had been "adopted" about 10 years ago by somebody who claims they were unaware of our side -project existence, as if a simple Google query couldn't have revealed that, already back then. Weird, though, that also their logo looks completely alike, if not very close to identical. Some coincidences will never cease being completely stunning.

So, to cut a long story short: "The Fellow Traveller" is The Frozen Autumn's 7th full-length studio album. 



6th January 2018

The new year begins with a dj session of Diego's at Grindhouse in Padua and a brand new interview ,we've really enjoyed answering to. As you may have noticed, we've lately pretty much limited all of our social network activities. The reason why is that we have no time to take care of that, either directly or indirectly. We'll therefore try to focus on this website only as far as our news and updated are concerned. Thus, we warmly invite you to visit this page as you may otherwise miss something. Also, for any professional requests, avoid contacting us on FB: your chances that your messages could be read in a reasonable time are currently exponentially decreasing for the aforementioned reasons. For this purpose please always use our official e-mail address and allow some days for the messages to be forwarded to us. We'll soon update our FAQ section too: so keep an eye on that before contacting us, you may alright find the answer you are looking for. Thanks everybody.



10th November 2017

We won't perform tomorrow at Schattenwelt Festival because one of us is sick. That's the kind of shit you would never like to happen, especially before a concert you've worked so hard to be prepared for. We've been so busy we also forgot to write here about our new video "Tomorrow's Life". Well, we'll write about it sooner or later. An entire chapter. About the making of. It could be worth it. 

So after all it will be our native Province of Turin, the place where we're going to present live our new tracks for the first time. It was written in the stars then. 


20th October 2017

Just 2 weeks to go before the release of our new album “The Fellow Traveller”! We’re actually very excited about it. It entered the DAC Top 10 chart already and have been aired by different radios and positively reviewed many times already. Moreover, the CD copies look great, and we’ll soon make them available on our online shop too.

Everything fine and promising you may say? Yes, sure, apart from some misunderstandings regarding our previous post, where we were perhaps not clear enough, in underlining we weren’t referring to any of our label bosses or distributors or any other legitimate official partner operating in the frame of a planned promotion stemming from written contracts.

We were instead referring to the unauthorized use of our new material (or any information related to it) by third parties who we have no official agreement with, who were given it for a specific purpose to be executed with a precise timing under specific conditions and with precise limitations.

That’s all.

For your general information, this news section has become a sort of blog or logbook, where we post things we don’t post anywhere else and where no debate is meant to be stirred up. A place you would come and visit only if you are truly interested in seeing what we do, how we feel, keeping yourself up-to-date etc. far away from (anti)social networks etc.

Then if you have any specific question, you can always apply to our spokeswoman Carla, who will get back to you as soon as possible, at

In the meantime we’re also preparing ourselves for our next gigs in Austria, Italy and Russia, where we’re going to present some of our tracks live. It would probably be impossible to present the whole album in one go because you still want us to perform our oldies but goldies, don’t you? And each band’s time on stage is obviously limited, especially when taking part to festivals, which is ok.

We’ve also been involved in a couple of collaborations lately, but that’s too soon to announce that yet. Be sure we’re always busy to death, though. And that we won’t disappoint you. Have a great weekend everybody.





Not even this time we could have the pleasure to be the first ones to unveil either the cover design or the tracklist of a new full-length of ours. "The Fellow Traveller" is an album that cost us years of hard work, endless energies and resources. We have been planning its promotion with special care for months, seen how meaningful it is for us. Nonetheless, our plans got spoilt in a moment by some thoughtless ones who think it's very clever not to respect the artists' will as far the way and timing their own works should be made public so that they don't go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, sharing things with the wrong timing in a wrong way often condemn them to stay in yesterday's news and this album doesn't deserve that. We don't deserve that.


To further lower our enthusiasm, along with this leak of unreleased material, the problem of an evergrowing lack of whatsoever professional attitude on the behalf of many promoters and the insiders. This won't stay without consequences, whether we like it or not. We forecast fewer live gigs and fewer new releases. We're not going to stop making music, that's for sure. But if you want to make things easier for us, then please, next time, share our stuff only after we've done that ourselves.



The Frozen Autumn's new full-length album "The Fellow Traveller" will be released on 3rd November 2017 by Echozone/Soulfood and Metropolis Records (North America). It contains 11 songs, which will be presented live after that date, a couple of which will be however disclosed in the form of digital singles around September/October 2017. Spread the news and stay tuned for more!





The Frozen Autumn is currently working on the master of their new album. 

They still have to decide who's going to release it. Within the next weeks, that decision will have to be taken. 

If you have a serious label, that's the right moment to show your interest. 



Sorry for the long silence. The Frozen Autumn has been very busy during the last months.

They're currently working on their new album's 11th and LAST track. 


Just as a very humble homage and a small contribution to the worldwide demonstrations of love and gratefulness to the incomparable work and life of David Bowie, The Frozen Autumn have been working since last week on a cover of "Loving The Alien", Diego's favourite song from the repertoire of this unique Artist. Without him, our scene (among many other things) simply wouldn't have existed. We're all here, artistically speaking, thanks to him. And we can all become "real", by turning ourselves into our own idea of how we should be and look and express ourselves thanks to this fascinating man who fell to earth and was never afraid to show the world ground-breaking, amazing, never-thought-of-before views, sounds, ways of being. He is just, and will always be, in everybody's life. 



A 6-track-collection of "oldies but goldies" by The Frozen Autumn will be released these days by the San Francisco based label Dark Entries, as a 12" 45 rpm vinyl. The title is "Time Is Just A Memory", artwork by Peer Lebrecht at Phoniques Arts.


Spring-Summer 2015

The Frozen Autumn is working on a new full-length album.



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